Brand Localization Services

  • Naming and slogan localization Service

According to the name of your local language and slogan,provide Chinese naming and slogan translation services for your products, shops, teams, brands, trademark and companies.

In order for us to provide more demand-oriented services, customers need to provide the following content:

1. The name of the company or Slogan in the source language.
2. Reference materials, such as company website, introduction, product information, corporate culture, mission vision, company positioning, company industry and product information, etc.
3. Requirements for names, such as transliteration or free translation, what is the meaning of the desired name, whether there are special needs, and the length of syllables.

Delivery criteria for services we provide:

1. Multilingual creative naming follows the principle of easy to remember and easy to spread, and conforms to the linguistic naming principle of the target language. Combination name, atmospheric, catchy, convey emotions, express the connotation of the company.
2. We offer three opportunities for optimizing modifications. In addition, when the reference materials provided are sufficient and the requirements are not changed, an opportunity for modification can be increased.
3. If there is a need for trademark registration, please communicate with us in advance the needs of customers and the corresponding prices.

For more about the quotations, please contact us.

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