Providing interpreter services

Life-level escort


A form of consecutive interpretation that involves the interpreter accompanying clients on their travels, social events acting as a guide or interpreting as required.

Simultaneous interpretation

Frequently used in high level international conferences and seminars, on TV and for other events with a large number of participants and languages. Inschina offers trained interpreters for you.

Work-level escort interpreting

Inschina's Work-level escort interpreting group provides with on-site interpretation services including simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, escort interpreting which makes the visiting and conference hold smoothly of your company.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a form of verbal communication. Our consecutive interpreters experts are great professional for interviews, conference, court hearings to reproduce source-language to target-language.

Business-level escort interpreting

Inschina has the expert team of professional certified accompany interpreters that you need for your business events including contract agreements, conferences,etc.

Online interpreters

Inschina’s online interpreters act as an online assistant, which can translate whatever you want through mobile phones, conference equipment or software.

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