We provide 

patent application services in China

  • Patent Evaluation

Search for Approximate Patents and Evaluate Application Success Rate

  • Sorting out technical disclosure

sorting out technical points and determining the application scheme

  • Writing application materials

Writing Patent Application Documents to Increase Success Rate of Authorization

  • Material drawing

  • Submit patent application

  • Reply

Draw product drawings according to patent application requirements

fast filing of patent applications to prevent competitors from taking the lead.

Reply to the examiner's questions to reduce the risk of patent rejection.

  • Certificate Delivery

Delivery of certificates by express delivery is safe and fast.

Design Patent


US $359

US $704

Patent Application for Design of Industrial Applications for Shape, Pattern or Combination of Products and Combination of Color, Shape and Pattern

Patents for Invention Application

US $1209

Invention patent refers to the patent right owned by an applicant who applies to the state for the protection of new products and methods.

 Patents for Utility Models


US $589

US $1168

A patent for utility model is a new technical scheme concerning the shape and structure of a product. The applicant applies to the state and has the patent right.

Patent Application Process in China

Compilation of application
Issue the certificate

Why need to apply for the patent?

  • Grant exclusive right of use to its owner for the protection of invention and innovative technology.

  • Encourage the research and development of new technologies and products.

  • Enhance enterprise’s competitiveness in the market.

  • Make earnings by giving authorisation to agents or producers.

Priority in Patent

A patent applicant may enjoy the right of priority, in accordance with any agreement entered into between an oversea country and China or an international treaty under which both of them are parties, for a period of twelve months (six months for Registration of Patent for Appearance Design) immediately from the date on which the initial patent application for the same invention or a utility model was made and such patent application was also made in China

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does trademark registration take?
Usually it takes about 11 months if it goes well.
Exact process is: Formal review (about 1 month)+Substantive examination(about 6 months)+Announcement for legal Preliminary examination   (about 3 months) + Issue Certificate(2-4 months)" 
What material do I need for Trademark registration? 
Corporation Applicant: Business Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation
Individual Applicant: Identity documents and address proof 
Application form
Trademark image
Power of Attorney
Can an individual apply for trademark registration?

Yes. Applicant can be either corporation or individual.     

What should be considered before filing an application for trademark registration?
Matters to be considered include: 
Whether the trademark distinguishes the applicant’s goods or services from other traders
Whether the trademark shows the distinctiveness of the goods and services
Whether the trademark is a generic term in that industry
Whether the trademark is identical or similar to other trademarks 

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