55 Austrian brands have entered Tmall International

On April 25, Austrian Prime Minister Courths led a delegation to visit Alibaba's Hangzhou headquarters to discuss how small European enterprises can use the Internet to share the opportunities of globalization.He said on Twitter: "Thank you, Ma Yun, for showing us around and for the wonderful dialogue.This trip gives us an impressive view of how Alibaba sees the future of retail. "

In fact, the old Austrian brand Swarovski founded in 1895 turned China into the world's largest market through in-depth cooperation with Alibaba.

In 2015, Swarovski moved into Alibaba's Tmall, driven by digital growth.Every year, Swarovski's performance on Tmall has increased by more than 50%, and Tmall double 11's sales increased by more than 70% year on year in 2018.

In the future, Swarovski will conduct in-depth digital operations through Tmall, opening more than 200 stores online and offline, and offering "timely delivery" services for the "gift-giving" scenario of Tmall consumers.If you want to buy a Swarovski gift for your girlfriend, you can pay online, and the goods can be delivered from the nearest store under the line, within two hours at the earliest.

At present, in addition to Swarovski, 55 Austrian brands have entered Tmall International, including Lomography, AKG, hogl, Manner, amaroy, RAUCH, Scoot&Ride, snack fun, Happy Hour, etc., covering more than 20 categories such as accessories, watches, digital, women's shoes, snacks, coffee cereals, children's toys, alcohol, etc. In 2018, the overall turnover rate of Austrian brands in Tmall International exceeded 500% year on year.