China's 5G patent application is more than twice that of the United States

According to data released recently by a German patent database company, China has become the world's largest holder of 5G telecommunications network patents, accounting for more than twice that of the United States.

According to a report by Japan Economic News on the 5th, the latest data from patent analysis firm IPlytics show that as of March 2019, China accounted for 34% of the world's 5G patent applications, ranking first in all countries, followed by South Korea with 25%, the United States and Finland with 14%, Sweden with 8%, and Japan with 5%.

Japan Economic News said that the statistics reflected the current situation of 5G technology patent applications to some extent. If the data were accurate, it would mean that Chinese companies' patent applications for 5G technology were significantly higher than those for 4G. In 4G technology, China and South Korea each hold about 22% of the world's patents, ranking first.

VentureBeat, a technology investment website, said that Huawei should be the largest patent holder in the 5G era based on various data. At present, the company owns more than 15% of 5G patents worldwide, followed by Finland's Nokia, accounting for about 14%, and U.S. communications giant Qualcomm, accounting for only about 8%.However, considering Qualcomm's accumulated patents on 3G and 4G, its market leadership will be maintained in the short term. From January to March 2019, Qualcomm collected US$ 1.122 billion in royalties from its users.

The new patent authorization has immeasurable value. If China ensures to hold a large number of 5G patents, its communication enterprises will receive a high patent income, which is enough to offset the loss of overseas market income due to boycott by some countries. Japan Economic News said that if China successfully controls the upstream of 5G technology, it will enter the stage of "making money without selling products". With the support of huge research and development costs and long-term planning, China's sense of presence in the global communication field is increasing. In addition to hardware equipment, it is also possible to gradually surpass the United States and become a world leader in the service field.

Xiang Ligang, a communications expert and director of the Information Consumption Alliance, told Global Times reporters on the 5th that mastering a large number of patents can help enterprises to be in a better position in the market, whether it is for their own use to reduce the cost of patents or to exchange patents with other companies. However, the saying that "you can make money without selling products" is somewhat exaggerated, because it is not a very big "plate" after all. For example, Qualcomm's main profit model is to collect patent fees, but its scale is not comparable to that of Apple and Huawei. For Chinese science and technology enterprises, selling products is still the most important thing.

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