China's Steps to Promote a Higher Level of Opening Will Not Stop-On President Xi Jinping's Keynote S

Looking at the beauty of everything and making a strong sound of opening up, the first China International Import Expo being held has attracted the world's attention.Faced with the complicated international situation, President Xi Jinping announced a series of major measures to further expand China's opening-up at the opening ceremony of the Expo. He issued a sincere invitation to the world for win-win cooperation and injected strong positive energy into building an innovative and inclusive open world economy.

Shanghai, as the host city of the Expo, boasts vast buildings and a large number of businessmen. It shows the world its bright character of openness, innovation and tolerance, and has become a vivid portrayal of China's development and progress.Looking back at the 40-year history of reform and opening up, from the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee blowing the clarion call for reform and opening up to the "WTO accession" in 2001 to write a new chapter on opening up.From the promotion of the "the belt and road initiative" construction to the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Zone and the holding of the Expo, China's opening-up has never stopped and its determination to embrace the world has grown stronger.Facing the future, China is unswervingly pushing for a higher level of openness in the new era. This is a scientific plan that conforms to the historical trend and is also an initiative to benefit the people and gain the world.

The promotion of a higher level of openness highlights China's strategic vision of promoting development through openness and seeking win-win results through cooperation."Benefit should be calculated for the benefit of the whole world".Whether it is to stimulate import potential, continue to relax market access, or create an international first-class business environment and create a new high ground for opening up, China's move to expand opening up is not an expedient measure, but a long-term consideration that faces the world, the future and the promotion of common development.

Promoting a higher level of openness reflects China's responsibility to safeguard the multilateral trading system and promote the development of free trade. As trade protectionism and unilateralism continue to rise, China unswervingly pursues a win-win strategy of opening up, implements a high-level trade and investment liberalization and facilitation policy, and solves the problems and contradictions it faces through reform and opening up.China has further promoted the comprehensive rule of law, actively protected the legitimate rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises, strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, continuously optimized the business environment and promoted the formation of a new pattern of reform and opening up."If we are connected, we will advance together; if we are closed, we will retreat each other". Only by grasping the law, recognizing the general trend, and firmly opening up our confidence in cooperation can we pool our powerful forces to jointly deal with risks and challenges and share cooperation opportunities.

To push for a higher level of opening up, China has always been better than saying and has made solid progress.The World Chorus Fair is the latest example.From inviting 172 countries, regions and international organizations to take part in the grand ceremony, to providing each participating least developed country with two free stalls, the fair is like a mirror, reflecting China's concept of treating people equally and its broad-mindedness to accept all rivers into the sea.Road to Jane, practical work is essential.Earnestly implement the "Eight Major Actions" proposed by the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in 2018, support the G-20, APEC, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS and other mechanisms to play a greater role in promoting the joint construction of "the belt and road initiative" ... Practice shows that China's unswerving deepening of reform and expansion of opening up will not only stimulate new impetus for its own development, but also bring new opportunities for the prosperity and development of the world.

"A single flower is not spring, but a hundred flowers blossom and spring fill the garden."Looking ahead, an open China will continue to work hand in hand with the world and make new and greater contributions to promoting open cooperation and realizing common development.

Many kinds of fruits, which are very popular in China, can finally be legally imported from Myanmar's border.

At the end of April this year, Myanmar's Ministry of Commerce issued a message allowing domestic businessmen to legally import fruits popular with domestic consumers from foreign borders. In addition, there are also 20 kinds of fruits including cherries, sweet and sour horns and date palms.

News released by the Ministry of Commerce shows that some fruits, including apples, pears and grapes, can be imported at any time, while rambutan, durian and mango can be imported at the time stipulated in the season.Merchants who want to import fruits from abroad can bring along the import license issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and apply for an import license at the Ministry of Commerce.

A fruit merchant in Mujie City in Myanmar told us that apples, tangerines, pitaya and other fruits are often imported from China.

A deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce said some of the fruits approved for import were also produced in Myanmar, but they were also allowed to be imported in order to allow people to eat them even when the fruit was not produced.

It is reported that many fruits produced in Myanmar are exported abroad, such as watermelons, cantaloupes, pitaya and mangoes.Wu Saimin Bo, chairman of the 105 yard trade area fruit trading station in Mujie, estimated that a total of 1 million tons of watermelons and cantaloupes will be exported to China this year.