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Heilongjiang Lindian County Promotes Dairy Industry Revival and Strives to Be the "Vanguard"

In recent years, Lindian County of Heilongjiang Province has grasped the opportunity of development, given full play to its advantages, identified the dairy industry as the leading industry, and striven to be the "vanguard" of the revitalization of Heilongjiang Province's dairy industry.

Entering the modern cowshed of Yongxing Ranch in Lindian County, the weather was hot, but there was not much flavor. The farm has a stock of more than 1,100 cows and is expanding its second phase of 1,000 cows.

When it comes to pasture development, Yu Yongxue, head of Yongxing Ranch, said that in recent years, Lindian County has increased its support for the development of dairy industry and created a favorable environment for the development of dairy industry.For example, in order to enhance the management ability of the ranch and solve the technical problems in the development of the ranch, the local government has taken the lead in organizing experts in dairy industry and technical backbone of the dairy enterprises to provide professional technical guidance.

Jiang Guangmeng, director of the Livestock and Veterinary Bureau of Lindian County, has a special "pasture service management group" in his WeChat. Every day, technicians report problems found during visits to pastures. In a recent chat note, the reporter saw that the technical personnel reported "Fengsheng ranch TMR feeding deviation rate is large" problem, and gave suggestions for rectification.

A few years ago, Lindian dairy industry was still mainly in the form of milk stations. At that time, there were 254 dairy stations in Lindian county, selling 150 tons of fresh milk a day, supplying more than 10 dairy enterprises with milk sources, withholding milk capital and disorderly operation, which seriously damaged the interests of farmers and hindered the healthy development of dairy industry.

In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of dairy industry, in recent years, Lindian County has formulated a series of preferential policies for large-scale and standardized dairy farming, providing full support in the construction of large-scale ranch cowshed, TMR precision feed mixer and silo. The government also collectively procures and distributes cow vaccines free of charge.

With the improvement of breeding level, the daily milk production of dairy cows also increased. According to Yu, a cow used to produce between 26 and 27 kilograms of milk a day, but now it produces between 31 and 32 kilograms.

Located in Huayuan Town, Lindian County, Zhongye Ranch is a national standardized model ranch for dairy farming. The modern management software for dairy farming has been installed, and all the indexes of the extruded milk can be detected instantaneously, and modern facilities such as mechanical dung cleaning can be put in place in one step. At present, there are more than 1,500 dairy cows, of which 1,100 are from 70 dairy farmers.

Yu Shoulong, head of Zhongye Ranch, said: In order to solve the problem of low level of retail farmers' breeding, Lindian County adopted the model of "supporting cows to enter the farm", that is, after dairy farmers raised their calves, the cows were put into standardized ranches two months before they began to produce milk, and unified management, unified breeding, and unified milk sales were carried out.

The 70 cows of Lu Jianhua, a dairy farmer in Santun Village, Fengshou Village, Huayuan Town, Lindian County, were placed on Zhongye Ranch. Lu Jianhua said: In the past, they raised their own dairy cows using "the old three kinds" of bean cakes, corn flour, and fodder, and the raising level was low, and the daily milk output of each cow was only 20 kilograms, and sometimes the quality was not up to the standard and could not be sold. Today, each cow produces 33 kilograms of milk a day, and all the indicators have been improved.

Zhang Mingwang, regional manager of Lindian Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., said that Lindian Yili has established good cooperative relations with 31 large-scale pastures in Lindian, purchasing 650-670 tons of milk every day.

Zhang Xifa, county head of Lindian County, said that Lindian has identified the dairy industry as the leading industry and striven to be the "vanguard" of Heilongjiang's dairy industry revitalization. Lindian has also regarded the dairy industry as a poverty alleviation industry, and by the end of 2018, it has achieved the goal of covering 4,188 poor households in the county, with an annual income increase of 2,000 yuan.

This year, Lindian County invested more than 80 million yuan to buy more than 5,000 imported cows. At present, all the dairy cows in Lindian have been raised on a large scale. There are 51,000 dairy cows in the whole county, which are distributed in 31 large-scale farms in the whole county, of which 7 farms have more than 5,000 dairy cows.

With the increase of cow number and milk quality in Lindian County, Yili Group has been expanding its production scale. In 2018, Yili Group started the second-phase construction project of Lindian County Industrial Park, with an estimated investment of about RMB 2 billion yuan. By the end of next year, Yili Group will be able to add 1,500 tons of liquid milk per day after delivery.