Optimization of Business Work System in Foreign-funded Enterprises

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and further improve the facilitation level of foreign-invested enterprises, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the “Notice on Implementing ‘One-Step Processing’” for the Establishment of Business Record and Business Registration for Foreign-Invested Enterprises. The document requires that the “One-Step Processing” system will be fully implemented in the whole province starting from June 30, 2018.

“One-stop processing” refers to the establishment of business records and industrial and commercial registration for foreign-invested enterprises other than those on the negative list, which are integrated into a “single-window” application process, relying on the Jiangsu government affairs network and the provincial enterprise registration parallel approval platform, in accordance with the working mode of “one-window acceptance, one-table application, one set of materials and information sharing”.

Optimization of Business Work System in Foreign-funded Enterprises

After the registration is approved by the industrial and commercial department, the enterprise registration information and business registration information are automatically shared to the commercial department through the system, thus realizing online business registration and business license registration throughout the process. Through the working mode of “one window collection and one operation”, on the one hand, it can help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency; on the other hand, it can further improve the convenience of foreign investment, optimize the business environment, stimulate market vitality and promote the healthy development of economy and society in our region.

Any foreign-funded enterprise that falls within the scope of filing as stipulated in the Interim Measures for the Establishment and Change of Filing Management of Foreign-funded Enterprises may handle relevant businesses through the “one-stop” mode.

In the next step, the Commerce Bureau will continue to step up the publicity of “one-step handling”, let foreign-funded enterprises and investors know about the work and become familiar with the reporting process through various forms as soon as possible, so as to convert the “one-step handling” reform dividend into the real economic benefits of the enterprises and enhance the convenience and sense of acquisition of foreign-funded enterprises.