Three tips to Fill A Copyright Registration in China

In accordance with the 《Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China》, works of Chinese citizens, legal entities or other organizations, whether published or not, shall enjoy copyright. Any work of a foreigner and stateless person published for the first time and within the territory of China shall enjoy copyright registration China in accordance with this Law. Any work of a foreigner which is published outside China and enjoys copyright under an agreement concluded between the country to which the author belongs and China or under an international treaty in which both countries are parties, shall be protected by this Law.

How long is the copyright registration valid for?

Once registered, the copyright registration will last until the expiry of that copyright in the registered work under Chinese copyright law. Generally speaking, the copyright duration is the life of the author plus 50 years.

What can be registered?

A copyright registration in China can cover all copyrightable subject matters under the Chinese copyright law. For instance, we have helped clients obtain copyright registrations for the following types of copyright work:

Artwork (including logo marks);

Books, printed matter and other literary works;

Audio-visual works;

Musical works;

In-app or in-program user interfaces;

Website layout;

Computer software;

Product packaging design;

Works of applied art, e.g. certain toy/furniture designs.

Term of Validity

Copyright of a natural person's work: throughout the author’s life and 50 years hereafter

Copyright of a legal entity's or other organizations’ work: 50 years, inclusively, since publication.

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