Tips for Improving the Success Rate of Trademark Registration in China

Updated: May 14, 2019

When applying for trademark registration, the success rate of trademark is a core issue. How to make the success rate of trademark registration keep approaching 100% because of the strange Trademark Association in the market and the subjectivity of auditors? InsChina has a lot of tips to help foreign companies to improve the success rate of trademark registration. Here are some tips to share.

As the image symbol of a product, how to design a trademark is very important. The trademark design and the registration of a trademark are also important. Before designing, it is necessary to know the types of trademarks that are not registered in general, so as to avoid duplication of work. In designing trademarks, we must pay attention to the distinctive features of enterprises and products, and avoid similarities with other trademarks.

Trademark query is the key

Trademark inquiry requires highly professional and technical level of trademark inquirers. Not only can we have a professional understanding of the trademark law, but also we should have some experience in the examination. Only sufficient trademark inquiry can avoid the registration of words or patterns similar to registered trademarks as far as possible, so as to improve the success rate of trademark registration.

Separate registration of comprehensive trademarks

Trademark examination is a separate examination of elements such as text, English and pattern. As long as one element is similar to the previously registered trademark, the whole process of the trademark registration will be rejected. Therefore, as far as possible, the text and graphics will be registered separately. Separate registration of combined trademarks can improve the success rate of trademark registration.

Rejection of review should be prompt

Article 34 of the Trademark Law of our country stipulates that the Trademark Office shall notify the applicant for trademark registration in writing of the trademark which rejects the application and does not announce it. If the applicant for trademark registration disagrees, he may apply to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for reexamination within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notice."

Special reminder, there are many subjective reasons for the unsuccessful trademark registration. In addition to the subjective reasons from the applicants themselves, there are also many unavoidable reasons objectively in the process of trademark application. Therefore, more professional team is needed. Inschina, the professional enterprise service team, can be entrusted to register the trademark for the enterprises, which not only saves the company's time, but also ensures the success rate of trademark registration.