Chongqing Zwork International Business Park

Chongqing Zwork International Business Park
InsChina unites with Zwork, China's largest business service provider,built the park located in Chongqing City, China, it is a “Internet +” innovation and entrepreneurship comprehensive demonstration zone and the deep strategic cooperation project between ZBJ company and jinjiang district government. 

The first phase of the park covers a total area of 5,000 square meters, with independent office space, public office area, real-time dynamic trading map, leisure coffee area, multimedia hall, etc., which has built a localized service trading platform for enterprises and employers.


We provide

1、Provides thousands of courses to help people get in touch with the Internet from 0.
2、From brand to operation, from resources to skills, all kinds of activities help to open up thinking;
3、VIP helps you get critical business information accurately and reach out to the elite
4、On-line operation to open stores to serve the world;
5、Comfortable and open office space, self-customized, providing property and value-added services.

If you have any demand for office rental or business services in this city, please let us know.