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  • Check whether your intent trademark can be registered

  • Retrieve similar trademarks and generate customized reports

  • To provide you with a proposal for trademark registration

  • Check the application materials for you to improve the registration pass rate.

  • Submit the registration statement to the Trademark Office for you.



US $599

  •  Domestic trademark search & comprehensive study to reduce failure rate

  • Online customer support during whole processes

  • Carefully examine your application

  • Fully refunded if failure including government fees

  • Re-register your trademark if being refusal at the first time 


LOGO Design

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  • Provide logo design service for you to register your name or solgan

  • Fast and trusted trade mark registration services + No hidden costs

  • Domestic trademark comprehensive searches to reduce failure rate

  • 100% online customer support during whole processes

  • Carefully examine your application

  • Fully refunded if failure including government fees

Trademark Protection

US $7250

  • Provide trademark protection suggestion strategy

  • Annual trademark legal consultation

  • Provide customers with electronic trademark information management account

  • Trademark competitor monitoring services: With less than 10 brands, Monitoring frequency once a month and unlimited number of competitors

Trademark Registration Process in China

Query trademark
Submit a declaration
Review declaration
Issue the certificate

Why choose InsChina for trademark registration?

  • Platform security - with 800 professional consultants and more than 480,000 of applications, it is the top three intellectual property declaration platform in China   

  • High success rate - intelligent system query, more accurate results,1 to 1 exclusive consultant to provide professional registration scheme, the success rate of more than 98%

  • Full trusteeship - to provide customers with one-stop services, having branches in morre than 20  cities in China

  • 0% Translation fees for translating all the documents coz trademark office need chinese format

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does trademark registration take?
Usually it takes about 11 months if it goes well.
Exact process is: Formal review (about 1 month)+Substantive examination(about 6 months)+Announcement for legal Preliminary examination   (about 3 months) + Issue Certificate(2-4 months)" 
What material do I need for Trademark registration? 
Corporation Applicant: Business Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation
Individual Applicant: Identity documents and address proof 
Application form
Trademark image
Power of Attorney
Can an individual apply for trademark registration?

Yes. Applicant can be either corporation or individual.     

What should be considered before filing an application for trademark registration?
Matters to be considered include: 
Whether the trademark distinguishes the applicant’s goods or services from other traders
Whether the trademark shows the distinctiveness of the goods and services
Whether the trademark is a generic term in that industry
Whether the trademark is identical or similar to other trademarks 

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