Website Localization Services

We provide

Our website localization team includes the following roles: project manager, localization interpreter, website engineer, UI designer, to provide you with comprehensive site localization support.

Our localization offerings include:

1、Localization process consultation

2、Specialized project management

3、Text Translation of Game Software

4、Localized Engineering Services

5、UI Picture Translation and Redesign

6、Localized Creativity and Adaptation

7、Localization of Web Attachment Documents (such as FAQ, downloadable information, etc.)


  • Translation prices of major languages:

  • Localized engineering services price is 50 USD per hour.

  • UI picture redesign service price depends on  difficulty.

For more quotations in languages, please contact us.

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registration services

Copyright registration 1

Literary,music,photographs,visual art works

USD $140

USD $280

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